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Tobias School of Art & Therapy

The financial funding that Tobias Trust Limited gratefully received in 2007 has enabled the Trust to support our staff in the in-house production of several large and complex documents relating to our application for accreditation with various government and independent inspection agencies. These documents were required by these agencies as part of their assessment process of the fitness of Tobias Trust as a higher education establishment. The documents describe our work, standards of practice, student assessment, grievance and complaints procedures, ethics policies and student welfare considerations together with associated supporting evidence.

Without the AMT’s support it would have been difficult to achieve the required quality, accuracy and completeness of these documents that have been vital in successfully achieving British Accreditation Council accreditation (BAC). The BAC accreditation was, in turn, essential in achieving a UK Border Agency Sponsor’s License to accept non-European students. Without this License potential non-European students would not have been granted visas, with a consequential dire effect on our income. 

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Rythmical Massage Therapy Training

Rhythmical Massage works through a gentle rhythmical quality of touch which rather than gravity to strengthen and enliven the life supporting processes in the human body.

The first Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training opened in the U.K. In September 2001 . Since then we have run a successful well attended course recognized by the medical section in Dornach. But more and more students want and need a recognized accredited training, something that gives them a widely recognized diploma. And of course to be able to do all the professional work it takes to properly validate our course, we needed some funding. The A.M.T. has very kindly given us this support, and we are currently working in association with Crossfields Institute in order to get proper accreditation for the Rhythmical Massage Training in the U.K

We are very grateful to the A.M.T for their help and support.

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Anthroposophical Therapeutic Speech Training

The training, founded in 2003, consists of five residential teaching blocks spread over two years. We have now completed two training cycles. Training takes place in Stroud, UK and currently delivers two training tracks:

  1. Postgraduate Certificate track for qualification as an ATS practitioner (for speech formation graduates);
  2. Certificate of Attendance track for continuing professional development, open to anyone interested in the therapeutic application of speech and voice.

We received a grant of £5,000 from the AMT in 2007 to help with training development. The grant has been used for

  • Training infrastructure development and documentation costs, to gain Medical Section recognition and CAHSC accreditation
  • Developing and producing training handbooks, including student handbooks and course structure handbooks
  • Advertising and PR, including development and producing costs for training brochures, advertisements and website design

Our next training cycle begins in March 2010




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Inishfree provides anthroposophical therapies for people with severe addiction problems in a residential setting. The AMT grant contributes to the funding for these essential therapies: artistic therapy, eurythmy therapy, rhythmical massage, therapeutic groupwork and counselling. The trainees, who can stay at Inishfree for up to 2 years, benefit greatly from having a space to digest their experiences and find a way of expressing some of the pain , shame and guilt in a safe non-judgemental relationship with their therapist. The therapeutic work helps them to develop the inner resources to manage and accept their life after years of using drugs and alcohol to escape from their feelings and thoughts.

To find out more go to our website: www.inishfree.org.uk or ring us on 0845 458 9904


British Postgraduate Training in Anthroposophic Medicine

This training for doctors started in 2004 and now has a second group of doctors halfway through their three year part-time course. Currently we have a committed group of ten doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals who are usually joined by several others.

There has been an appreciative response to the course which has a strongly experiential character with goethean studies of the human body, illnesses and medicinal plants.

So far the course has been accommodated in a variety of medical centres including Park Attwood Clinic, St Luke’s Medical Centre Stroud, Helios Medical Centre Bristol, as well as Hibernia College Stroud and Cherry Orchards Camphill Community Bristol.

AMT helpfully funded the establishment of a web site for the training. It can be visited at www.anthroposophic-drs-training.org . This has put the training on the map and facilitated a steady trickle our inquirers.

Park Attwood Clinic

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