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The Anthroposophical Medical Trust (AMT) is a charitable trust and was formed in 1981. Over the years we have made grants to support a wide variety of initiatives and activities to promote the growth of Anthroposophical medicine and therapies in the UK. These grants are made in terms of supporting the charitable aims of the trust as set out in our Trust Deed.

When considering grants we consult with the Anthroposophical Health and Social Care Association (AHASC) representing Anthroposophical Medicine in the UK. Our contact is with the facilitator of the AHASC who is invited to attend all meetings,

All applicants for funding are invited to apply giving details as set out in our “Grants Protocol” which is available on request. To assist and support the application a trustee will be the contact person who will advise the applicant and familiarise him/herself with the project. We may fine tune the process to make sure it is not only sound practice but clear and effective.

The trust intends to explore new ways to encourage a reciprocal relationship with its beneficiaries, not only dispensing funds to organizations or initiatives seeking financial assistance, but developing methods which involve the recipients in a more interactive process; eg. matched funding/ loans and long term grants which could be passed on to sister projects when no longer needed.

We do not actively fundraise but receive our income from a committed body of supporters many of who make on-going contributions via bank standing orders.

Our Aims and Objectives

The AMT seeks to support financially the development of Anthroposophic medicines and therapies in the UK. by providing funds to providers of Anthroposophical Medicine and associated Training Institutions.

Our immediate tasks are to administer the financial resources made available to the trust from numerous sources, and ensure that they are used in the direct pursuit of the vision. To provide transparency and full accountability for all monies received and spent with the focus on grants and awards made.

Legal Information

Charity Number

A Registered Charitable Trust No. 283052/R


AMT Trustees

Paul Randon (Hon.Treasurer), Michael Luxford, Patricia Peters, Bob Ballard (Chairman) and Piet Blok.


- Catherine Linde
Catherine Linde


Unity Trust Bank (part of the Co-Operative Bank)


CK Accountants
Castle Court 2
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Financial Information

AMT Audited Report & Accounts for year end 30 September 2008
AMT Analysis of Annual Accounts 1999 to 2008 - Income Expenses (00-08 only)
AMT Analysis of Grants paid 1999 to 2008